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Portland, Maine: Your New Favorite Weekend Getaway

By Jenny Dorsey, published in HuffPost, May 2, 2017

After working with a Nigerian client last year, all African foods have piqued my interest. First, this place is HUGE! There’s a huge dining room and a take-out counter in the back. I came in bright and early and ordered lunch from the two ladies cooking in the back. I had no idea what to expect so I just sampled a mix of everything... Read more.


How Schools Are Rallying Around Portland’s Large Refugee Community

By Ricki Morell, published in HuffPost, February 26, 2017

Nimo Saeed, a Somali immigrant who owns the Mini Mogadishu restaurant, said the police had stopped by recently to check on her and offer assistance if she needed it. She hasn’t experienced any problems, she said, but they would likely pale in comparison with what she experienced back in Somalia... Read more.


Newly opened Mini Mogadishu offers authentic Somali cuisine

By Tim Gillis, published in The Portland Phoenix, December 18, 2016

Somalis in the greater Portland area can get a taste of home at Mini Mogadishu, the new Forest Avenue restaurant that opened Saturday. It’s owned and operated by Nimo and Halimo Mohamud, spiritual sisters... Read more.