First time dining with us? Welcome!

A message from Halimo, Nimo, and Nimo’s son Abdul. To see our FULL MENU, click here.

We serve our dishes with rice or pasta. Our Somali-style rice is usually made with a vegetarian stock, though some days we use a goat stock (we make it clear on the menu). With rice or pasta, we offer an array of vegetables and meats. We serve hidib, the Somali word for red meat. This is either goat meat, tenderized and cooked in a brick oven inherited from our restaurant’s previous owner, or lamb shank, made with our own special spices. Our meats are served with tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions.

Depending on the day, we offer chick, prepared with paprika, lemon pepper, and chili powder, and sometimes fish, from Merrill’s Seafood next door. We purchase what is fresh and in-season.

A house favorite is our traditional beef suqaar, small cubes of beef cooked in a stew. After cooking, we remove the meat and fry it with carrots and potatoes. We can offer this same process with chicken instead of beef. We think this is an excellent introduction to Somali food.

Vegetarians, fear not! We offer full plates of rice and lentils, available with spinach and other vegetables. Or enjoy our Somali chili, made with tomatoes, curry, and paprika for a deep, smoky taste. Mix the chili with breads, stewed spinach, and lentils.

We make two types of bread, a traditional Somali injera and chapati. Our injera is similar to the East African staple, but crispier. We usually dip this vegan, sourdough bread. Our chapati is similar to Indian chapati, but chewier and softer. It makes an excellent bread for scooping.

For an appetizer, try one of our breads with a side of chili, rice and lentils, or a plate of cooked veggies. It’s enough food to feed the entire table. Or, try our popular samosas, made right here and filled with minced beef suqaar, carrots, and potatoes.

Due to the deep historical influence of Italy on Somalia, it’s traditional to see some Italian cuisine in Somali kitchens. Ours is no different. We offer routinely offer pastas and other Italian dishes. Try pasta with our chili sauce for a uniquely Somali twist.

Somali specials include a soup of goat broth, onions, peppers, and lemon pepper. On Fridays we serve sor and waslit, grits with a special stew poured over spinach, which we can make vegetarian.

For a really authentic experience, bring your friends and try a shared plate. Somali people usually eat in groups together. But be ready to get your hands dirty. We serve large plates to share that come with rice and pasta plus variations of meats, especially what’s abundant and fresh, cooked vegetables, dips, and breads. It’s a great way to dive into Somali cuisine and taste many different options at once. This will easily serve a group of four or more.

We serve all our dishes with a small side salad.

For those that like spice, try our homemade hot sauce, a green sauce made of chilis, jalapenos, cilantro, parsley, lime, and garlic. It’s refreshing with a kick of heat.

For drinks, we make a Somali style black tea made with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and sugar (though it can be made unsweetened). It’s traditional to add milk. We also make a Somali coffee with a little cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Or try a fruit smoothie, mango nectar, guava juice, mango lassi (a fruity yogurt drink), or other beverages.

Welcome to our Somali kitchen! We seek out the best, freshest ingredients and make dishes in the tradition of our family. We don’t use many recipes, and we don’t rely on formal culinary training. But each day we delight in bringing fine food to our patrons. We looking forward to seeing you!