Mini Mogadishu is the creation of Nimo and Halimo Mohamud. An authentic East African dining experience. Click here to learn more about our restaurant and our community.

First Time Dining with Us?
A Message from Halimo, Nimo, and Nimo's son Abdul.

We're always excited to share our family's favorite recipes with people who haven't tried Somali food.
While we cater to nearly every taste, here are a few suggestions to make for an authentic and delicious experience!

Welcome to our Somali kitchen! We seek out the best, freshest ingredients and make dishes in the tradition of our family. We don't use many recipes, and we don't rely on formal culinary training. But each day we delight in bringing fine food to our patrons. We looking forward to seeing you!

We don't serve alcohol at Mini-Mogadishu, as it's not a part of Islamic custom and more than 95 percent of Somalis are Muslim. We ask you not to bring alcohol into our restaurant. Thank you!

For a really authentic experience, bring your friends and try a shared plate. Somali people usually eat in groups together. But be ready to get your hands dirty. We serve large plates to share that come with rice and pasta plus variations of meats, especially what's abundant and fresh, cooked vegetables, dips, and breads. It's a great way to dive into Somali cuisine and taste many different options at once. This will easily serve a group of four or more.